Friday, June 02, 2006

Happy 100!

Bloggers Against Torture has just crossed the 100 bloggers mark, with the lucky no. 100 going to Tina Wall's blog Youthful. Many thanks are due to those first 10 who joined, with special thanks to Phillybits, who has been working very hard behind the scenes promoting the alliance. When we hit 1000 blogs, we'll have a link to the first 100 ;-)

Cyberotter from No Hat Tip has a nice post up about Torture Awareness Month (also on Daily Kos).

Anything They Say has their take on retired Navy general counsel, Alberto Mora's op-ed on Torture. It is a valuable piece for demonstrating that one can both support the war and oppose the use of torture.

The Nether-World has a post up about the European govt's knowledge of rendition flights through their airspace. There is evidence that the UK is turning a blind eye to this, and even allowing the flights to land on their territory. We are all being turned into accomplices.


Blogger Phillybits said...

Hey Elendil, I was net-less all w/e and through the week, for the most part. Been meaning to emailo you about how quickly the blogroll grew.

I'm very proud of everyone signed up and posting about this topic. All should be given pats on the back, especially you.

I missed day 1 and 2, but put up something brief today, linking to Donkephant's 1st and 2nd day posts, as well as presenting my own little take on torture.

8:22 PM  

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