Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Where you can join

Bloggers Against Torture was created in June 2006 to `blogswarm' the Torture Awareness Month website. It was then revived the following month to raise money for Amnesty International (USA). As part of this, a blogroll was created, which can be found on the right. It is a list of the people who participated in efforts to raise awareness of coalition human rights abuses, especially torture.

Given that these events are now over, Bloggers Against Torture is no longer receiving new members. However, if you are interested in raising your voice against these attack on our nations' own fundamental values, please head on over to `Never in our Names' by clicking on the graphic below.

NION is a fast-growing collaborative blog dedicated to fighting against human rights abuse. It concerns especially those abuses committed by our own governments, that we, as citizens of these democratic countries, are morally responsible for. It is an open community so anyone can join and start posting.
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